Anti-Aging Tip #3

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

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Preserve the protective layer of the skin.

In discussing the various skin types – Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination skin, we spoke about the importance of the protective layer, or the barrier function, of the skin.

With age and increasing sun damage, the protective layer on the skin’s surface decreases causing:

- Water to escape from the lower levels of the skin, and
- Irritants to penetrate the skin much easier, causing inflammation and leading to free radical damage.

A compromised protective layer on the skin’s surface hampers the skin’s ability to hold in moisture which can result in pre-mature aging, which includes:

- The formation of fine lines and wrinkles
- A lack of muscle tone in skin (saggy, droopy skin)
- The skin generally looking older and more damaged than it really is.

Avoid using aggressive soaps and cleansers on the skin as these products strip the skin of it’s protective layer.

Cold, wind and forced heat are also some factors that interfere with the skin’s barrier function. Under these conditions, it is important to use a suitable moisturizer to maintain the barrier function of the skin.

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