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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

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For the times when you get tired of killing yourself for your body to look like something it’s not, here are some suggestions to rock what you’ve been blessed with, in whatever shape or size that may be.

It’s all about proportions. Balancing it all out, as ultimately the most flattering shape is the one that gives the essence of an hourglass figure. So if an area is a touch bulky, don’t put a lot of fuss on it and draw more attention there; it can do that on it’s own. If something is a lil lacking, bring on the volume, a little pattern and/ or a little colour.

That said, drowning a bulky area in excess fabric doesn’t make the area invisible, it just looks like you are hiding something, and ultimately makes you look bigger than you really are.

Welcome to the “Dress Your Shape” Series. Today we will focus on the well endowed among us, our busty pally wals.


- Invest in good underwear. Lift and separate, always.

Consider also wearing camis under shirts to keep the girls from bouncing around. The ones without the inner bra support work well at not having the girls spill out and look like your head is resting on them.

To not look top heavy, here are a few tips and some potholes to stay clear of. 


1. Boat-necks, turtlenecks, round necks, square necks, asymmetrical necks…

The V-neck is your friend.

Trying to smother the girls under yards of fabric only makes them stand out more, and makes you look uncomfortable. Free yourself, and don a v-neck. Not too deep so as to let all the goodies out of the bag, but showing enough will elongate your neck, and draw more attention to your face. 

Wrap dresses, work well at streamlining a full bust.
Well really, wrap dresses work well for about 99% of women.

Gotta love statistics; Don’t quote me on it, but yes wrap dresses do work for the majority of women.

2. Spagetti straps and anything otherwise flimsy looking.

They’re uncomfy, tear into your shoulder and don’t provide much support. Besides, exposed underwear only looks good on TV, and even then the bra straps are teeny tiny.

Structure and good tailoring are your bffs. Thick strapped halters or racer back styles are especially flattering, if you’ve been working out and have some shoulders that can do with the attention.

Also avoid any tops that stretch ad infinitum horizontally. A lot of the winter season’s sweaters do that – not a good look. Stretch is necessary to prevent the shirt buttons from holding on for dear life yes, but controlled stretching is the key.

A 2% lycra/ cotton blend will give you a good fit and help keep any bulges in check. Any more lycra in that blend and it’s going to stick to you like a second skin and look unflattering.

3. Cap sleeves

They cut you off at your widest – right in the line with the bust. And unless you have guns of steel, they also cut your arm off at it’s most unflattering point.

Choose either 3/4  or full length sleeves to balance bust, or expose your shoulders by wearing halters or racerback styles as mentioned above.

You can also opt to go with the tube top look, but if you are over a certain age and those girls are naturally yours, finding a well fitting, supportive bra can be an issue so … just skip this tube look altogether if you fall in this category.

4. Billowy, unstructured tops with skinny pants or jeans or leggings. 

The same thing goes with wearing skin fitted mini skirts – Too lollipop-ish. Remember our shapes; hour-glass, not upside down triangle.

No tent tops or tent dresses, no trapeze jackets, you always need to find your waist.

The more you have to balance in the chest area, the more critical this issue is. Pair well fitting (not tight!) tops with straight legged or boot cut styled jeans/ trousers and heels. No flared pants, these only make your legs look shorter. You can also pair with voluminous skirts (volume that’s at the hemline not at the waist) that cut at about the knee, no longer than that please.

5. Shift dresses

But you most likely find that you have a time trying to get the majority to fit properly anyways. 

Accommodate your proportions by choosing separates instead – classic, no fuss, well fitted top pieces and leave the drama to the bottom pieces. Any frills, patterns, loud coloured clothing – all the drama belongs on the bottom. Doing so will help balance your proportions out. 

Waist bands or anything that pulls your midsection together is key to giving yourself some proportion, especially with blouses that do not naturally taper in at your waist line.

Belts can work as well, but like patterns, they need to be sized according to your body size. Smaller belts and tiny, intricately patterned clothing flatter petite or slim frames and larger belts and bigger patterns work well with fuller or taller frames. Proportions, proportions.

6. Long dangly statement necklaces

Because they either get lost in the chest or they hang in all strange sorts of ways when you aren’t looking. 

Opt for necklaces that remain close to the base of your neck area, to draw more of the attention upward.

Also do try to focus the drama on your eyes and use lip-colours in more flattering, natural tones. Unless of course that’s the look you are going for, big, exposed boobs and bold or fire engine red lips does have a ‘Pretty Woman’ look to it.

Bold, elongated earrings can work, so long as they stay close to your face and definitely above your shoulders. This way they will frame your face beautifully and highlight your neck and shoulders. 

Wearing earrings that fall past your shoulders, well it’s just too much competition between the earrings and the boobies. Avoid any large, perfectly round or hoopy earrings (or fabric patterns for that matter). If you’re Boriqua to the bone and love you some hoops, I ain’t mad at ‘ya, try the spherical hoop variety instead.

7. Either show cleavage OR legs.

Help ya’ side and choose one.

If you have any other fashion tips and tricks that you’ve found work for a healthy bust size, be sure to share so that we can all learn something or two!


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