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Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

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You finally got that second top coat on on your nail polish and one single, first-class, clumsy move royally wrecks it with a nasty dig?

Of course you can remove the polish completely and start from scratch with your base coat, first layer then second layer of polish – another 10 minutes (because you need to allow the polish to dry sufficiently between coats) or, if you are impatient like I can tend to be with my own nails, you can opt for a quick fix.

Tip 1:

1. Wet the finger pad of a strong, stable finger – perhaps your index finger of the opposite hand, in nail polish remover and tap the smudge lightly with the remover, using quick firm taps.

Your finger pad must be wet with the nail polish remover, or else you will just stamp your finger print on your wet nail polish. Dip your the finger pad again in the nail polish remover if necessary.

Careful now, tap don’t attempt to smoothen.

1. If the first coat was smudged, allow the quick fix to dry, then apply the second coat and base coats as you would normally.

2. If the second coat was smudged, allow the quick fix to dry, then just apply the top coat once the remaining two layers of nailpolish looks like you have already applied two layers.

3. If the top coat was smudged you can do the same and then apply another layer of top coat once the nail has COMPLETELY dried. If not then it would take very long for 5 layers of nail polish to dry rather than 4. 

Tip 2:

Alternatively, you can press the nail polish on top side of your tongue and smoothen out the polish in the appropriate direction. Sounds janky I know right? but I kid you not it works!

Now I don’t know about the health benefits of nail polish of course, so maybe you don’t want to do this on a regular basis, but you know… maybe if you are in a jam.

Allow the quick fix polish to dry completely and then finish with a top coat.

In the event that you do not have a professional nail polish remover dispenser, simply pour enough nail polish remover into the nail polish remover cap (more than halfway) that would allow you to wet your finger pad with ease without removing/ compromising the nail polish on that nail.

Of course this is for personal use, if you are charging people for your services then might I suggest you drink less caffeinated drinks and reapply the polish?

Might get you a larger tip.



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  1. suzanne-Marie says:

    This will be very ‘handy’. I always find myself rushing off to do something (unimportant) when my nails are still wet.

    I wear my nails short. But some times I get those anoying little breaks at the side of the nail, which snags in my hair or fine clothing. How can I self repair when i’m in a crunch and cannot get to the Spa? Hint I play a lot of sports but as you may have already guessed, I usually use my nail as a tool.


  2. Supernova says:

    Hey Suzanne-Marie:
    For one you ought to definitely stop using nails as tools!

    You can also:
    - Nourish nails nightly using a cuticle oil
    - File nails weekly, just a bit, to keep the end of the nail (the oldest part) fresh. As you wear your nails short this should fit in well with your lifestyle. (This would be similar to trimming your hair at least every 2 months to prevent split ends)
    - Limit water logging the nails. Nails are porous, and so when the water (or other chemical) dries from the nail it can leave the nails dry and prone to cracking, chipping or splitting.

    I think this has been covered before, you can see the full post here:


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