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Friday, March 19th, 2010

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Phillip Lim


If ‘Prints’ are too exotic for you, and ‘Safari’ is waaaay too laid back to hold your multiple personalities, an alternative for Spring/ Summer 2010 is ‘Brights’. 

Not make-believe, wanna be brights, we’re talking about NEON brights, a statement that is most effective when it’s the only statement that’s being made. 

Keep accessories either minimal or muted, and makeup beautiful and ‘naturally’ flawless. A little goes a long way when comporting a neon look. 

Simple silhouettes work best with Bright pieces, it’s also best when you use just one colour, rather than trying to mix two neons, and, unless you are a tween, I wouldn’t recommend neon leggings. Period. 

As a twist on brights, and following from the embellishment trend for Fall/ Winter ’09 you can also do shine. Just remember that when donning shine, do opt for matted leggings/ tights if you choose to pair something with shiny and short look.

Just one shiny piece is all that you need; remember, it is Spring, not the Holiday Season.

You get the Prints/ Stripes/ Cut-out-esq/ Strong-shoulders look all wrapped into one with this look.


Necessary Objects


How very efficient.

You can do easy breezy day Brights


BB Dakota


Turquoise is the ‘it’ colour of the season by the way.

You can work your tie-die looks as well with the Bright Trend…

Johnathan Martin


Whoa. That’s major wattage right there.

 You can be stripey and Bright…

Lauren Moffatt


Boho-chic and Bright – Fringe and Gladiators et al…

Tracey Reece


You can blind everyone but yourself at night too.

Tequila Sunrise | Versace


Shades optional.

Oscar de la Renta


Brights are pretty much like the “Exotic Prints” Trend, in terms of the shock factor, but it’s less of a muddled, “Look.At.Me” statement and more of a razor sharp “I.Am.Here” one.

Blue Curacao | Sinha-Stanic


All  very simple silhouettes. You wouldn’t want to do Bright AND Voluminous.

Yup you guessed it, Brights look super sick on darker skin shades. 

Pink Lady Dress | MaxMara



If wearing neon colours is not your thing, you can still get into the trend by wearing neon nail polish. Corporate/ conservative job? Wear neon on your (sandal ready) toes!

So which Trend appeals most to you? Stripes, Cut Outs, Exotic Prints, Safari Trends,  or Brights?

Still haven’t decided? You must be a young ‘un. I’ll sum up the rest of the trends – all denim everything/ hot shorts/ feathers/ clogs et. al. in the last post.



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