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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

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So now that Spring is here we get to see which of the Spring ’10 looks that debuted last Fall makes the most sensible transition to the catwalk of reality. With the understanding that taste is subjective, these are some of my fave male looks.

Gucci | Spring 2010

1. A blazer

or Sport Jacket. Granted that pic above may be a bit much, it’s not that serious. But it’s a blog, so effect goes a long way. 

On a side note, the shiny, flooded pants should be sold with a wearing license; Looks like a public safety hazard when worn on normal folk. Can’t hate though, guy is wearing that ‘skinny pant’ better than I can. 

The right blazer need not break your bank. For more affordable/ wearable sport jackets/ blazer options, see this pic here from H&M. 

See? Everyone’s more comfortable now. Totally wearable. 

Or, for my more temperate dwelling citizens, some easy breezy trench coat sexy:

Appearing relaxed and ‘unstructured’ is the way to go; Easy breezy cool. The right blazer will get you everywhere you wanna go, ask Maxwell or Lenny. You can seek them on advice on where to get that license to don those smedium, short, shiny pants too. 

2. The Faded look

Faded faded eh, not bleached, or acid-washed, or feathered or any such synonym for something has had colour that has since been both intentionally and irregularly removed from it. And just faded please, not distressed, i.e. no holes, rips or tears okay? Just faded. 

I find this look to be one of those that goes a further distance when you purposefully style your look with an appropriate something that ‘happens’ to be faded, rather than just throw on a pair of something that is faded as a result of the fact you’ve lived in it since the year started. 

Never fear, the fashion police will know the difference. Think it’s the same? No it’s not. In the first look everything looks so much in place that it’s hard to tell that you are actually wearing something that’s ‘faded’, in the second it’s difficult to tell that you’re not a street person. 

I think the appeal of the ‘faded’ look is underlying message of comfort and style it sends; something like you care enough about yourself to purchase something that fits you so well that you ‘live’ in it… even though you actually don’t.

One piece only though, either the sports jacket OR the trouser, which brings me to #3

3. Cut off shorts

Buy ‘em or make ‘em. See that faded khaki/ corduroy ‘jeans’ , that’s all frayed at the base or has a hole near the heel? Yeah that one. Put it on, mark it just under your knee (I’d suggest that you have someone else do it, as you run the risk if the length being a bit shorter than you intended it to be if you do it yourself), lay it flat on the ground lining up the hems and snip away.

I’d suggest first making the cut below just below the knee, try, and repeat with the cutting action as you see fit. You can always make ‘em shorter but a guy in a pants that’s bordering on too/ uncomfortably short will always get a side eye. 

As with everything fashion related, there is a huge grey area here. I suggested khaki (either the fabric or the colour) trousers as cut off faded denim shorts can take you right back to 1999. Worse, if they are either cut too short or to a 3/4 length. Ugh… no. 

4. Solid cotton ties

I forgot the slim part. Slim, solid cotton ties. Just enough so that people will take you seriously, and not too much so that you don’t.

All purpose, lightweight and down to earth. 

Hearts it. 


Any more that you’d like to add?



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  1. Trueman says:

    OH HELL NO! Those are the ugliest blazers I’ve ever seen. And shiny pants? Cmon now. Yall can do better. You’re going to get a lot of cats smacked across the grill by Trueman.

    I’d like to add watches though. The right timepiece and do wonders for an outfit.


    Supernova Reply:

    I’m with you on the timepiece. More than a Spring trend, a classic timepiece is definitely a key element of fool-proof, all-round, Grown man swag. A heavy timepiece and good hygiene, those will be my top two.


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