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This Mix is Freakin’Fabulous | Ep. 2

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DJ Kold Fusion for GC

Mondays never sounded so good. Press play and cut a rug.

Track Listing

  11. NAS – I CAN

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DJ Kold Fusion for

MiMilicious | New Sass on the Block



Introducing the newest member of Team GC, MiMilicious, who will be sharing her views on marriage, motherhood, sex, friendship and succeeding in life as a citizen of the world.

Armed with the gift of the gab, MiMilicious can talk and manipulate herself  into and out of anything, including writing for GC.

Born in south Trinidad, she has an academic background in Literature and Marketing, and began her career at the Express Newspaper back in 1996, when she wrote her first column in the youth magazine, Vox. MiMilicious has since fled her twin island republic of sweet Trinidad & Tobago, for the United Kingdom, as a writer/ marketeer in search of her dreams, with husband and Labrador Retriever in tow. Since then. she has dabbled further into journalism (press and radio), copywriting, marketing, advertising and more.

In the UK, she has worked in the telecommunications industry for over six years, hosting conferences in regions such as Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe. To date, her Rolodex includes some of the biggest CEOs in Telecoms such as Orange, Etisalat, Vodafone, Orga Systems, Huawei among others. Her dynamic personality, for which she is perhaps best known for, has allowed her to build and maintain relationships at the C-Level with over 1,000 organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Cisco to start ups.  Over the last seven years she has generated over £2.1 million in revenue for companies like Terrapinn, Informa and Clarion Conferences.

A citizen of the world, MiMilicious maintains her trademark of [brutal] honesty, which sometimes gets her into way too much trouble. With all that she has going on, it’s difficult to imagine that she has anytime left for anything but a career, however in her spare time she appears to be just as normal as the rest of us – she dabbles in photography, is a closet DJ, and is of course obsessed with shoes and handbags. She’s on the cusp of celebrating her tenth anniversary with her loving husband and a two-year-old son, and will share her views on marriage, motherhood, sex, friendship and things that sometimes require a twist of the arm to get through.

A big GC welcome!


Broken vs. Experienced

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Aren’t we all broken?
I beg to differ. No we all are not.

This is not to say that we all haven’t endured some things that we rather wouldn’t have, or haven’t been down and out on our ‘luck’ at times, but there is a gaping cavity  between being broken and being experienced.

One is a reactive mentality and one is a proactive mentality.

One leans toward pessimism and one leans toward optimism.


If you carry it around with you and let it speak for you, you are broken.

When you are broken, you haven’t yet gotten past those bad experiences that you’ve had. You judge others by your past life and find difficultly in trusting others even though you know that you have no valid reason not to in that specific instance.

When you are broken everyone knows that you’ve been through an ordeal. People can see your past written all over you – in your posture, the way you carry yourself and hear it in the words you speak into your life and into the lives of others. Your entire outlook on life is gloomy. Nothing excites you. You take life as it is dealt you, and you merely survive.


If you’ve learned lessons from all the lemons that you’ve tasted, and are a better person for it, can see life in a different way and understand how to enjoy life, the good and the bad… then you are experienced.

To be experienced is to have lived and have learned. It involves having acknowledged what came or is coming your way, and finding a way to deal with it – to get past it, and press forward in your life rather than wallow in the juicy sour puddles. It does not involve being shaped fully by your past negative vibes, or by what others expect of you, but to be a product of what you expect yourself to be.

It’s moving past the trials. Moving past the sometimes undesirable history that is all a part of this trial and error that is sometimes called life.

No one gets everything right on the first try. No-one. No matter how intelligent, gifted, talented, wealthy or charismatic you are, No one gets everything right on the first try.

So yes, there is a difference.

Which are you?


Photo Credits: Wesley Williams/ My 365

Dying for fashion

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How skinny is too skinny?

I’ve just come out of hiding. You know this. But I keep seeing something that makes me want to run right back  into my secret hiding place, until it all goes away. What the hell is up with ‘skinny’ jeans, ON MEN?

I mean, I am something near to disgusted when I see this ungodly trend. I don’t know what it is like outside the wonderful cocoon that I like to call Trinidad, but I went to a band launching this year and I was appalled and worried at the same time to see all these ‘skin-tight’ jeans on men. Especially the young men. Never have I ever been so happy to be my own age (especially when I’m considered a MILF – a degrading, but somehow flattering term I will touch on at some point.)

I see these young men strutting around, and the pants are so tight,  TOO tight. My girlfriend had to point out  to me that some of these little boys (cause no Grown man would would wear these fashion DON’TS on purpose; they’d be aware of the risks) are actually wearing  women’s jeans, which just is just bordering on insane.

Some other trends that throw me for a loop are the:

  1. Grilles.
    Gold/ silver/ diamond encrusted/ platinum teeth coverings
  2. Excessively baggy pants.
    that are so large that they would not ever fit even with a belt
  3. Underwear that is purposefully on display.
  4. Tonnes of gold, silver and platinum jewelery around the neck
  5. Earrings that are ridiculously large and/ or way too heavy for any earlobe to handle .
    Both the diamonds, real or fake, and the ones that stretch the earlobes to gargantuan proportions.
  6. Full body tattoos with no meaning to the individual whatsoever other than, “I liked the design

I can go on forever.

But the one that really worries me is the tight pants on fellas. I mean is this the end of the human race as we know it? Do they really know the consequences of these choices?

Even I know that there is a reason that the Almighty put the family jewels in a little sack AWAY from the body. It is because the normal body heat of the human being can hamper sperm production.


I am actually a little happy about this since I have two younger brothers who have fallen prey to this fad:. It means that should they put Jesus out of their thoughts and do the nasty without protection, at least the little swimmers will be at a distinct disadvantage. For some men its reversible, but who wants to test that theory?

This trend is so worrisome to me that, as per usual, I just had to do a little more research to see what are the possible repercussions of squeezing and suffocating the man jewels. The list was shocking. Aside from the reduction in sperm production that I already knew, I read about hip displacement, strange bowel movements, nerve damage…

I mean we ladies wear the high heels, but that isn’t screwing around with our reproductive systems. This is serious people!

Then too, it doesn’t even look good. I am sorry but I don’t find it sexy to see tight-@ss jeans down to the ankles, drawers hanging out AND converse sneaks. YUCK!  Beenie man is an entertainer , who needs the attention and so can wear that nonsense and get away with it. It’s like Lady Gaga – you don’t see me wearing period coloured lingerie.

So the choice is yours fellas. Die for fashion or Live with sense. If you plan on having kids, you will be thankful that you chose the latter.

Forward Ever

This Mix is Freakin’Fabulous | Ep. 1

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DJ Kold Fusion for GC

Mondays never sounded so good.

Press play and cut a rug. (more…)

GC 2.0 LIVE!

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Welcome to GC 2.0!


We’ve been busy, busy at work in an effort to improve your experience here at

A couple of the changes that we’ve implemented are:

1. We’ve both upgraded our space and updated our look to match our vibe. Shout out to our techMaster at House of VIRB for the hook up. Neat, no rocks.

2. We’ve also added new contributors, the mixMaster Kold Fusion, and the resident moneyMaster, Elle to our team. Look out for a new Master soon!

More content. More space. More glitz. More tips.

Talk ’bout that.

Navigating the Grown ‘n Sexy

We live for feedback.

Let us know what you love best as well as tweaks that you believe will make your GC 2.0 experience even more freakin’fabulous.

Grains of Hope

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Grains of Hope | Wesley Williams


Earlier this year I was the recipient of a letter from our resident stork. It kindly informed me that I was going to be a mama (again) and that I should probably believe the two red lines in the pregnancy test that did say that I was preggers.  (more…)

Last night a DJ Saved my Life

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DJ Kold Fusion

With the impending launch of GC 2.0, one of the new contributors is DJ Kold Fusion, 29, from Toronto, Canada, who will be providing us with weekly mixes. We thought we’d sit with him and find out who the hell he really is.

With a hand-me-down Cambridge ‘project management’ notebook and classic black-ink bic pen in hand, I set off to do one of my first interviews in a very long time, at where? none else than “Starbucks”. Why? Because it seemed cool and trendy-chic at the time. At the end of the interview we decided to brainstorm ideas for the set so the free WiFi came in handy, which I suppose made up for the over priced cups of peppermint tea and tuna wraps. (more…)

I got the blues for you

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Gucci ’Sigrid’ Sandals with Crystals| 2010


Every Fall/Winter season a ‘new black’ emerges, which is funny when you think about it because black is always the ‘new black’, no exceptions.

Still, marketing is marketing and clothing must sell so we always pretend that something can actually replace black. Grey / gray is still considered to be a stretch for the all-black monogamists, and, just like all Fall fashion that has gone before, it’s big for the season. Surprise. Still, however exciting “Winter Grey” and “Winter White” is for some folks, there is nothing like a pop of a deep, jewel tone to add a welcomed contrast, and dare I say, a ray of proverbial sunshine to an otherwise dreary- blah scene. A fail-safe colour for the more daring among during the Fall season is always plum/ purple/ violet/ mauve.

However, if you really want to bust that envelope wide open, the colour of the moment is blue. Not just any blue – Cobalt blue.

The artist Van Gogh wrote:

The cobalt blue is a divine color and there is nothing more beautiful to create an atmosphere

I couldn’t agree more. It’s like winter’s “yellow”.

If you want to step out in daring style, done a Cobalt blue ensemble – frock, blouse, skirt, pantsuit – go bold!.

Makeup/ Accessories

If you aren’t so secure in your ability to wear full colour, opt then for accessories – cobalt blue scarf, ring, bangle(s), earrings and/or of course shoes, but please, don’t do both clothing and accessories – Too much of a good thing is good for nothing. You don’t want to look like a block of blue soap.

With such a strong statement that is a Cobalt blue ‘fit, strive to keep the details of everything else that you are donning simple.

- Simple but elegant makeup in neutral tones – you don’t need anything else competing with a colour as bold as this

- Easy-going, no fuss hair hair, and

- a confident “Yes, I was sober when I chose my kit, were you?” smile

is all that you need to pair wit this look. NO fuss and frills necessary. a la the actress, Kerry Washington, in a feminine and fancy Jason Wu, design.


Kerry Washington | Jason Wu

Kerry Washington | Jason Wu


Proof that you don’t have to over do, or over expose to make a statement. I’ll refrain from any name calling.

If you couldn’t have told before, Cobalt blue is my bestest and favorite colour in the whole world. Fall/ Winter 2010 is mine. *snicker*



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Elle | Money, Money, Honey!

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Introducing Elle, the new resident moneyMaster here at

She will be sharing with us insights, tips, tricks, tidbits and techniques concerning, but not limited to, wealth and personal finance management, budgeting and all things money, money, honey.

Here’s a little more about who she really is:


Elle | GC resident moneyMaster


Elle is a boss at all things money.

She recalls that at 7, she wanted to become a “Bank Manager”; and is well on her way to surpassing that goal.

A licensed Investment Advisor in the Banking and Finance Industry, Elle started her career as a teller after completing an Associates Degree in Business Administration. She figured out very early then that she was specifically interested in Wealth Management. 5 years, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Professional Management from NSU and an Executive MBA from Florida International University later, she’s on her path to doing what she loves most – interacting with people, going into overdrive where she ensures that her client’s financial needs are serviced, and that they are offered unparalleled service.

She’s noticed that as important as personal financing/ budgeting/ money matters is, it is very often neglected and taken for granted. This is where Elle comes in and excels – clients, friends and family have thanked her for it, and here, she hopes to do the same for you.

Elle currently resides in Jamaica, and is interested in gaining experience in other parts of the globe in the near future – we hope to hear of her experiences along the way. She enjoys reading in her spare time, not that she has much of any. Being slave to her handsome, 7-year old, Prince doesn’t allow her much time to do so; these are truly the moments that she treasures.


**Editor’s Note**

Seeing that I, Supernova, only understood how credit cards REALLY work about a couple years ago, I reckon that I have lots to learn. Great to have you on the team, Elle… Welcome! Freakin’Fanstastic.


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