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GC editor and resident glamMaster

Supernova was born with a sharp eye for detail, artistic direction, fashion and beauty.

The mastermind behind GlamityCalamity (GC), Supernova is a qualified chemical engineer with extensive experience in the areas of Sales & Marketing, Production Operations and Quality Control, which extends from the Manufacturing to the Energy Industry.

However, her innate passion for Beauty & Art fueled her decision to pursue a change of career. She decided to enter the field of Cosmetology at the AVEDA Institute, Puerto Rico, where she graduated with honours as the Top Stylist, securing a coveted internship at Cristobal, an AVEDA concept salon in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Determined to understand all aspects of the industry, Supernova went on to become the top graduate of the Esthetician – Spa Management program at The Business School, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto Canada, where she received the Jose Pinguelo General Education Award as well as the Dermalogica Student of the Year Award, sprinkled with 2 President’s Letters.

A huge believer that beauty starts from within, Supernova is determined to work with others on capturing their inner beauty and educating them on the best channel for radiating it outward in a package that best represents them.

A Beauty & Skin Care professional, Supernova recently decided to dabble in the art of blogging, and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

Kold Fusion

resident mixMaster

Kold Fusion is a creative soul.

A graduate of the Trebas Institute, Toronto Canada, he remembers being fascinated by the seeming power that the DJ’s at the high-school dances had over their captive audience. Back in the day, armed with records before he even owned a turntable, he was most intrigued by a DJ’s ability to competently mix ‘the oldies’ i.e. the funks, the discos – the good stuff – a skill he highly respects to this day.

A self-professed man of few words, Kold Fusion prefers to use talent over talk and hopes to give you a new perspective on music. In his collaboration with he’s most excited about the opportunity to experiment with music – to put different genres in one 30-minute mix; and to mix the old with the new, for your listening pleasure.

When he’s not heating up the air waves across dance floors at clubs and events in and around Canada, he can be found engaging in one of his other passions – photography, where he goes by another name, iShotYa, shots from which will also be featured on GC from time to time.


Past Contributors


Elroy Jackson

Elroy Jackson is, and has always been, obsessed with music.

With years of experience in the music industry, he has produced music for Caribbean artists, including Bunji Garlin, Jamsey P and Maximus Dan, producing the earth-shattering single, “Building Shake”.

Elroy is a top graduate from the Trebas Institute, in Toronto Canada where he won first prize for his final project – a remix of Nine Inch Nails “Only”, as well as for sound effects and walla (crowd noises, such as laughter, oohs and ahhs) on a short animation.

Currently, Elroy heads the Mylano Music Group (MMG), a media company that he founded after graduation in 2008. MMG’s first product, “Press Play Radio”, currently focuses on alternative media and direct niche advertising and is the leader in “in-store radio” alternative audio media in over 35 locations in Trinidad & Tobago, reaching just over 30% of the country’s population per week.

A popular Disc Jockey (DJ) of club, trance, house, dance and urban music, Mr. Jackson has recently found himself addicted to the “ink” i.e. the art of tattoos. Injecting ink into one’s skin is no joke and he hopes to navigate the ins and outs of his experience with you, providing an informed view of this intriguing yet potentially dangerous obsession.



Supaflygirl was born to style.

Allthough Hair has always been her passion, supaflygirl worked as an Administrative Assistant for 13 years, but was determined to one day pursue her dream.

She worked tirelessly at juggling her current jobs and building the foundation for her own business, now known as “Zian’s Hair Care”.  After some time of burning the candle at both ends, she decided to take the plunge of faith, and made the decision to walk away from her job as the Assistant to the Director at a local Entertainment company, and pursue her own business full time.

Since then she has worked on several productions in the music industry, most importantly music videos for local artistes, and the local movie “Tribes” – an MTV/Unicef production on AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago. Supaflygirl worked on the set of the movie as the Hair Stylist, and is responsible for the natural looking hairstyles of the cast, arguably the greatest display of her talent to date.

Perhaps because of her background, supaflygirl always believed in the mental wellbeing of the youth, specifically that of the young females in her country. She plans on opening a wellness centre, one that would focus primarily on women’s health and mental wellness.

Supaflygirl currently resides in Trinidad and Tobago with her daughter.


Armed with the gift of the gab, MiMilicious can talk and manipulate herself  into and out of anything, including writing for GC.

Born in south Trinidad, she has an academic background in Literature and Marketing, and began her career at the Express Newspaper back in 1996, when she wrote her first column in the youth magazine, Vox. MiMilicious has since fled her twin island republic of sweet Trinidad & Tobago, for the United Kingdom, as a writer/ marketeer in search of her dreams, with husband and Labrador Retriever in tow. Since then. she has dabbled further into journalism (press and radio), copywriting, marketing, advertising and more.

In the UK, she has worked in the telecommunications industry for over six years, hosting conferences in regions such as Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe. To date, her Rolodex includes some of the biggest CEOs in Telecoms such as Orange, Etisalat, Vodafone, Orga Systems, Huawei among others. Her dynamic personality, for which she is perhaps best known for, has allowed her to build and maintain relationships at the C-Level with over 1,000 organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Cisco to start ups.  Over the last seven years she has generated over £2.1 million in revenue for companies like Terrapinn, Informa and Clarion Conferences.

A citizen of the world, MiMilicious maintains her trademark of [brutal] honesty, which sometimes gets her into way too much trouble. With all that she has going on, it’s difficult to imagine that she has anytime left for anything but a career, however in her spare time she appears to be just as normal as the rest of us – she dabbles in photography, is a closet DJ, and is of course obsessed with shoes and handbags. She’s on the cusp of celebrating her tenth anniversary with her loving husband and a two-year-old son, and will share her views on marriage, motherhood, sex, friendship and things that sometimes require a twist of the arm to get through.



Elle is a boss at all things money.

She recalls that at 7, she wanted to become a “Bank Manager”; and is well on her way to surpassing that goal.

A licensed Investment Advisor in the Banking and Finance Industry, Elle started her career as a teller after completing an Associates Degree in Business Administration. She figured out very early then that she was specifically interested in Wealth Management. 5 years, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Professional Management from NSU and an Executive MBA from Florida International University later, she’s on her path to doing what she loves most – interacting with people, going into overdrive where she ensures that her client’s financial needs are serviced, and that they are offered unparalleled service.

She’s noticed that as important as personal financing/budgeting/money matters is, it is very often neglected and taken for granted. This is where Elle comes in and excels – clients, friends and family have thanked her for it, and here, she hopes to do the same for you.

Elle currently resides in Jamaica, and is interested in gaining experience in other parts of the globe in the near future – we hope to hear of her experiences along the way. She enjoys reading in her spare time, not that she has much of any. Being slave to her handsome, 7-year old, Prince doesn’t allow her much time to do so; these are truly the moments that she treasures.

Island Girl

Island Girl, is a tried, tested and true ‘island girl’.  A 30+plus years native of Trinidad and Tobago, she holds a degree in Sociology from UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad  and a Master’s in Environmental Management from UWI, Cave Hill , Barbados.

A love of creative writing led her to jobs as a journalist at the Trinidad Guardian, Information Officer at the Institute of Marine Affairs and currently, a Communications Officer at the country’s National Gas Company where her portfolios have ranged from project communications, leadership development and internal communications.  This has also led to an expansion of her responsibilities including event planning.

Island Girl is currently single.  She lives at home with her retired mother, two brothers, one an upcoming dentist who should have been a DJ and the other a graphics whizz and two rather complicated dogs – one thinks he is human and the other thinks he is still a puppy. You will be sure to hear more about them!

A Libra, she continually seeks to balance self and life. She also loves music, reading and travelling. She adores the finer things of life and is diplomatic until you cross her.

Emerging from what she describes as a comatose state, and trying to regain a sense of self she felt she has lost along her life journey, Island Girl will share her experiences with you – work, home, trying to find a place to live, relationships, friendships, Carnival –spiced with a bit of fact, humour and sarcasm.  All trying to, as she puts it, go ‘on to other things’.


Vox Rationis

Vox Rationis is the quintessential Renaissance man.

An IT man by trade and education, he competently juggles his successful consultancy with photography, magazine publishing, iron chef skills and now, blogging.

At thirty-six years old, Vox Rationis has spent years quietly observing the War of the Sexes, and has decided he can no longer stay quiet. As an admirer and respecter of the ‘fairer sex’, he feels that he has a useful perspective to offer on how to help navigate the treacherous waters of dating in the modern age, and the ability to offer it with wit and humour. Also look out for articles on whatever catches his eye.


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